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Atlantic Export was born from a simple, yet monumental desire: To open the products and goods on the U.S. internet marketplace to every person in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. We firmly believe something as simple as distance should never prevent people from accessing the products they need. So, in 2008, we began using our warehouse as a ship-to address for these orders. As we placed these goods in our clients’ hands, we saw first-hand the value our services offer and we committed to opening our services to anyone who needs it. Over the past 10 years, we’ve expanded our services to meet every freight forwarding need between the U.S., Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. As a leader in this market, we’ve focused on always improving our logistics solutions to give our clients total satisfaction. By prioritizing our customer experiences, using the latest and best technology, and paying attention to the tiniest details, we consistently deliver the best quality service possible. Whether you’ve ordered a small parcel or a full container load, shipping with us means total delivery peace of mind. We are here to meet your every need, going the extra mile both literally and figuratively to take care of you and your order. You are the reason we exist and we will always do whatever we can to offer freight forwarding services worthy of your business.


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At Atlantic Export, we are committed to providing full access to the products, materials, and goods available through the U.S. internet marketplace. All of our services are carefully designed to offer the fastest, most reliable, and fully satisfactory deliveries to people and businesses throughout Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Whether we’re delivering a single parcel or a full container, your orders and satisfaction are our priority. If you need shipments to or from the U.S., Kazakhstan, or Uzbekistan, look through our freight delivery services below for the best option on the market.

Courier Services

Our door-to-door deliveries to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are the services that started it all. With our courier services, we’ve created the fastest, most reliable delivery option on the market. We know how much our customers rely on dependable service, so we carefully package and track each parcel from origin to destination. Our daily departures get your package in your hands quicker and our commitment to excellence gives you total shipping peace of mind.

Commercial Cargo Solutions

We offer the quickest shipping services between the U.S., Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, no matter which option you choose, but air shipments will always be the fastest. Our air shipments allow us to transport your full load of commercial cargo in the shortest time possible. No matter where your destination is, we’ll help you coordinate a quick delivery journey. Whether you’re in an emergency or just want the fastest access, our air shipments are the best option.


Atlantic Exports was created to bring the American internet marketplace to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. To do so, we’ve created receiving services that allow you to use our location as your ship-to destination. Just contact us to schedule your shipment, use our warehouse address to order, and wait for our delivery. Once your order arrives, we’ll prepare it for our shipment and send it your way. It’s that easy.

Specialized Packaging

To maintain safety and compliance, proper dangerous goods packaging is essential. We offer packaging in a variety of barrels, jugs, boxes, and more to fit the needs of any dangerous goods you ship. Our dangerous goods packaging services are designed to eliminate any potential issues during shipping, from the moment your order leaves our warehouse to its delivery at your final destination. From labeling to packing, we carefully follow legal procedures and proper handling to ensure your goods arrive intact and without issue.

Commercial Assisted Purchasing

As a business, finding the right products, equipment, and materials are essential for your success. Our commercial assisted purchasing services are designed to ease and simplify this process between you and U.S. distributors and manufacturers. As you find the products you need, we’ll help with negotiations, delivering, and other purchasing logistics. Your success should never be limited by distance and cultural differences, so we help bridge these obstacles to provide the best results.


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